hello there,
i'm Travis.

I'm a digital creative & designer from South Africa,
living in sunny San Diego.
I help brands realize their potential in our digital age.


my expertise

Core Fundementals

Increase Efficiency. You might be doing well, but there's always room to improve. I take a look at complex business practices to see how you can free up your team to do bigger and better things within your existing model.

Logos & Branding

Position the Brand. Nothing says success more than a good look. I utilize a core understanding of what you do, for who, and why, to arm your brand with a better first impression than the smell of mom's fresh baked cookies.

Music & Motion

Tell the story. Nothing hits harder than hearing that one song, or rewatching that kid's show. And it's true, because these mediums can say things that words can't - emotions and ideas are more than words can describe.


Bring it to life. Combining all of the above into simple solutions is the best part. Crunching the numbers + sweat equity = making your ideas come to reality. Who knew hard work could be so fun?



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(nda) bapic
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so yeah,

i'm a designer, developer & do-er.

I've got over 10 years in music production, 7 years of design, development and doing under my belt.
Accompanied with an outgoing personality and a drive to be submersed in anything creative that involves technology,
I'll ensure what you need will get done - and have a blast during the process.

Feel free to take a look at my Resume.


customers & clients

don't take my word for it

customer testimonials

Travis always has an amazing ability to translate what's on my mind into the digital and creative space - and fast. He is a bright and talented professional who is super easy to work with.

Tyron Woods

South African-based Music Producer

Having worked with Travis on several projects, I am thrilled how passionate and enthusiastic he approaches any technical challenges. I always enjoy tossing ideas back and forth with him.

Robert Buffington

System Administrator
San Diego Supercomputer Center

Travis strives to execute and deliver - seemingly without effort - especially in the digital realm. As an artist, I appreciate the attention to detail he has when it comes to both auditory and visual compositions, using his talents to refine his client's professional work.

Nikola Lizdek

Canadian-based artist & producer