Benjamin Weon and I founded a multi-media company BASE506 as an LLC in late 2017. While Ben worked on the more physical media side of the business (photography, videography), I carried out most of the synthetic works: design, video scripting, web dev, etc.


Business Modelling

Marketing Strategy


Testing & UX

Visual Design

Front-End Development

Back-End Development

Video Production

Music Production

tools used

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe XD

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Premiere







FL Studio


what i did...

the brand.

We began the process by developing a minimalist concept to describe the business:

  • provides for multiple media practices.
  • is involved with differing client backgrounds; whether you're a large-level corporation or an underground bass-house producer.

To show that the company could provide 5 or 6 services for our clients (photography, videography, illustrations, music, etc.), we represented it with a simple cube, but containing something bursting out. This ended up being the RGB (representing pixels on a computer screen), tri-color gradient "goop" which would become a staple of the entire brand: all graphical elements that represent the brand will represent curvature or circles, and any color-accents to represent the brand will possess a gradient.

Main Logo

From this fundamental understanding of how the brand would be presented, a font was developed with these same styles.

Branded font with multiple weight variants

the website.

Built off of a skeleton of HTML, Sass & JavaScript, we had a concept to use the cube itself as the visual structure of the site. Different categories of our services would be on different sides of a 3D cube, and the corresponding side would expand when the user would view the content for that category.

Main Menu of the site
Expanded View

A splash screen animation was also implemented, from initial concept to final delivery.

Initial Brainstorming

Take a look at the Final Splash Animation!

client work.

Head over to the website to check out other work I did.


other works

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Our Local Market
Our Local Market
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